I recorded these videos to explain my intent with IIFYM and show you what happens behind close doors.


Making these videos was very uncomfortable for me but I firmly believe this will help shed light on not only this Lifestyle and Brand but all other future start-up brands waiting to be born.


Learn from my mistakes, watch what I do and how I do it.


In these videos I share with you:

  • The moment when I quit my job
  • What I used to call this brand before
  • Why I changed the name to IIFYM
  • Where my first warehouse was
  • Why I'm making these videos
  • My intentions with IIFYM
  • How I used to ship orders when I first started
  • Where we print our clothes
  • Where my office in California will be
  • The making of "Do It For The Pizza"
  • Gym sessions
  • and more!

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