• Who WE are

   IIFYM Apparel is a company started with ONE intent, for one purpose.

Our goal is to:

-create unique and creative designs

-stock a range of quality apparel for the gym and for daily life to.. 

HELP SPREAD AWARENESS to this LIFESTYLE of Flexible dieting (IIFYM).

   We are so passionate about the use of IIFYM, not only for physique competitors,but for the general public alike....that we have dedicated our lives to changing the way the world sees food. Can you imagine if IIFYM and the tracking of Macronutrients was the norm? If it was a class taught in elementary school? Can you imagine if controlling how you look, how you feel, and how you function (basic human rights) was no longer a guessing game? A game of trying to select and filter through SO MUCH INFORMATION that DOESNT MATTER in hopes to finding the ONE THING that ACTUALLY PRODUCES  results 100% of the time. THIS IS IT. You cannot get around "Calories in vs. Calories Out" there are thermodynamic laws that cannot be ignored. IF YOU WANT RESULTS, optimal results at that, you must know the basic principles of nutrition (which are learned by default through IIFYM).  NO MORE BULLSHIT, NO MORE GURU MAGIC, NO MORE "The guy at the gym told me to eat broccoli 6 times per day every 2 hours', NO MORE IGNORANCE. 

If you need assistance in finding out about this lifestyle, whatever your goals may be, please contact us.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP SPREAD THIS LIFESTYLE...please support this brand, support this lifestyle and purchase apparel to represent what you believe in. Be walking proof of this way of life. Be the NEW BREED OF HUMAN. Be EXTRATERRESTRIAL.



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