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*Why I stay PED Free*
I've touched on this numerous times over the past couple years but I'd love to delve a little deeper this time as it reveals a bit more about my 'why' and how I've stayed consistent.
It's actually quite simply now that I think about it... Seems the deeper I go in this thought the simpler it gets. I stay *Anabolic* Drug Free for one reason:
It's not about me.
All of this..my physique, my journey, my consistency in the gym over a decade, my consistent nutrition over the years...it's not for or about me. It's about the future generations of this planet. It's specifically about my future kin. When my son or daughter or nephew or niece asks me how I did this..how I looked the way I did in all these SicPics...I won't have to lie and tell them it was perfect nutrition and dedication. I can say that honestly. That's all that matters to me. It's about the progression of a new breed of people that search for knowledge over time..instead of instant gratification. Soon (relatively speaking) Skinny Natural bodybuilders such as myself will not be the minority.
The fitness industry itself is built upon The marketability of Freaks..yes. But what Natural bodybuilder wants to be seen as the obvious Natural...the goal is to always look like a fucking alien and More and More Natural freaks are being bread. The only controversy now is because of the lack of knowledge on what is possible naturally. There will become a time when the industries customers catch on to what is possible without PEDs. Maybe then @dougmillerpro will get the credit he deserves LOL.
Side note... I lay zero judgement towards those who have indulged. Bodybuilding aside there are certain genres of life, different sports, age ranges that call for the use of PEDs to which I have no qualms.


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